With the latest scandal hitting Facebook and everyone being freaked out at things that most people don't even get, we saw the market of "Why you should leave Facebook" articles flourish. It goes from "They know everything about you" to "it makes you associal". Most of the articles though come back to the same ideas we have been hearing for years.

But, I have yet to see articles about 'Why you should stay on Facebook" (or join). That's why we decided to give you the 8 reasons why you should be using Facebook.

1. It makes you social

This is the literal counter arguments of the "it makes you associal". If you think about it, you are keeping contact with people that you would not otherwise. In my case, I left my country of origin 5 years ago now, but I still have most of my friends and all my family there. Facebook is a great way for me to stay in touch.

Of course, I could be using just WhatsApp (also owned by Facebook) but Facebook tends to add slightly more to it in my opinion.

2. Stay informed

I am still very careful with this one.

31% of the people say that their primary reason to log on to Facebook daily is to keep up with the news. A concern though is that you usually see the news that "you want to see". You will follow the newspaper or website or TV channels that you like. Getting information that you are used to get and following your believes. In addition Facebook smart algorithm might filter those aleady selected news to serve you the one that you might like the most.

But for example in my case, I decided to follow the whole range of news from my country and from the domain that I like. And not only the news that I like - For example following both conservative and liberal websites and TV channels.

3. How would you reconnect with your long lost friend

After primary school and high school I lost contact with plenty of my friends. It wasn't easy back then... I had a limited number of messages on my phone per month, barely internet and we all went all over the country to study... I was happy that when Facebook came we could reconnect all together.

Until today, I have contact with some of my friends that I would not have if it wasn't for Facebook.

4. Needed for some services

Some services require a Facebook account. Take Tinder for example, you need to have a Facebook account in order to use the application...

5. Lose some weight

It starts to be obvious that I will have a hard time make 8 points there so here is a very discutable one...

Some researcher were running a weight loss program and they observed that the people that joined a Facebook group for the program lost 4-5 pounds on average more than the people without social media components. Sharing your goals and progress can help you feel accountable and motivated apparently.

Of course, a relatively more effective way to do so is to follow some simple advices on how to be healthier.

6. Land a date

It is well known that when people are online, they grow confidence, we are more likely to talk to someone in a chat or in comments that in real life... How would you ask the guy or the girl that you really like otherwise ? :P

7. You would miss those gems

Facebook funny gem

8. Come on - We all knew what we are accusing Facebook of...

I am shocked that people are outraged at the new revelations about Facebook. They are collecting an insane amount of information about us - no shit ? Way back we already knew that Facebook was selling information and using those information to target the users for better advertising.

First of: We can opt off most of it, and second: if we don't want to have anything collected we should probably stop using internet and phones... Yeah Google and Apple are doing exactly the same.

I don't say that this is good, but I really don't like this hypocrisy of being outraged of something we somehow all supported...


Of course, we should not just give up on our privacy and liberty but I wanted to underline the hypocrisy and absurdity of the situation. We should have started this dialog a long time ago...