It is not a secret that I am a big fan of Deadpool. I was a reader long before the first movie was out, and needless to say I wasn't disappointed !

That's just to state how much I expect from the number 2... I got a bit scared when I heard that the director left because of disagreements with Ryan...

But that trailer is simply amazing !

It has its shares of dark humor, childish jokes, action, and story - let's hope the full movie will live to the level of this trailer !

Simply Bravo !


Here at we are impatient to get to the theater to watch it, what are your thoughts on it ? Leave them in comments !

Small Post Scriptum: It seems that the differences between Ryan Reynolds and the director (Tim Miller) were deeper than just creative differences: Report: The Rift That Led to Tim Miller Leaving Deadpool 2 Went Deep.