I don't want to just write a common "health" article that you read 4502 times already. What I want to write about today is 8 healthy habits that I have incorporated in my life on a daily basis. Some of them for more than 3 years now !

Since I started those healthy habits, I first lost slowly 12 pounds, then kept that new weight steadily (until today), I haven't been sick in 2.5 years and I am have increased my productivity and have been healthier overall.

Almost every items coming have been debated for quite a while and some are still discussed and controversial. I put them there because they worked for me, most probably some of them are more belief than science, but nevertheless it works.

Important note: Please be careful if you are prone to allergy apply those advice with care.

1. Warm Lemon Water

Lemon with water

This is by far the one I am most adicted to and the one I felt the best benefit from.

Basically, this is a pretty simple practice: In the morning I put in a mid-size glass the juice from half a lemon and I pour warm water. Not hot, not cold but simply warm. Usually I do that before going to the shower and getting ready so it is working for around 15-20 minutes before I eat my breakfast - it felt better that way for me.

Benefits: Helps digestion, contains vitamins (C specifically, potassium), boosts your immune system, happier skin, more stable weight, improve breath (and I would even add slightly get teeth whiter).

Detailed article about it: Science based examination of lemon water.

2. Coconut oil (Oil pulling)

Coconut oil pulling

The way I do it is I take a full spoon of Coconut oil in my mouth and swish for 15min before spitting in the trash can (The oil may thicken and clog pipes). I suggest to search for how to do it properly.

Benefits: Better breath, whiter teeth, and cleaner (less bacteria) mouth. (some people seem to experience less sensitive teeth but I didn't as I never had that problem).

3. Sleeping naked

Sleeping naked

This is not a joke. It doesn't have to be naked but in underwear but it has been proven that sleep undressed leads to better sleep.

Sleeping naked will build your confidence and will help your body regulate your level of Cortisol - an hormone in relation with stress and basically this is healthier.

Benefits: Less stress, healthier, build up confidence.

4 reasons sleeping nakes makes you healthier and wealthier.

4. Go to sleep early and wake up early

I am someone that tends to get in bed early and start the day early. Besides some benefit like having a more productive morning by avoiding traffic, crowded gym or others, I would say that there are less obvious benefits.

For example, reduced stress (avoiding traffic, being ready and in your day when everyone arrives in the office for example), eating dinner earlier, less drinking - Basically, it makes your life healthier indirectly.

Benefits: More productive, less stress, healthier and even weight loss.

5. Take the stairs

Take the stairs

This may be obvious to some of you but this has real benefits. Many people will go for the elevator or the escalator instead but this is an easy way to get a little bit of activity.

While this should not replace your sport routine, it will contribute to the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity, reduce cardio vascular accident risk and others.

Benefits: Better health (heart, bones, muscle), more stable weight (even weight loss), improve the amount of "good cholesterol" in the blood.

6. Use complements... As complements (or supplements, nutrients...)

Complements (or supplements, nutrients...) are not supposed to replace a healthy meal or breakfast ! They are supposed to help or complement it. I do no say that you should not use supplements - I, myself, use them when changing season or in period or heavier training. But I always eat a healthy meal with it. In the morning I take great care to have a proper breakfast, and the same for lunch and dinner.

Benefits: Better effect of those nutrients, healthier, more energy.

7. Drinking less (or no) soda

This is one is more obvious. I am sure I can create a "Top 8 reason of why soda is bad for you"...

I used to drink quite a fair amount of Coca-Cola. The amount of sugar in those drinks is pretty unsettling and this is the most obvious reason but it is also very bad for your teeth, and because of the high level of sugar, sodium and caffeine you get dehydrated. Yes, you read that right. While drinking soda, your body gets dehydrated...

Benefits: Weight loss, better teeth, better hydratation.

Some more advanced reasons from Harvard: Soft Drinks and Disease.

8. Replace snacks with a fruit

Last point and also more obvious is replacing your daily snacks with fruit. In my workplace I can see people going for some nutella or peanut butter on bread in the afternoon. Replace it with a banana or an apple !

Benefits: More stable weight, more healthy

Again, all of this is here is not scientific and/or I read so somewhere. This is by experience. Of course, most of those can be backed with strong scientific evidence (please follow the links when provided).

Please, leave a comment if you disagree (or agree) or if you feel the list is missing an item that you felt made your life better !